People are in your life for a reason, a season, or material.

Tonya Murray became a fan of Joan Rivers at a young age.  Joan's influence was apparent in the self deprecating jokes Tonya wrote when she was a kid.  Although her interest in comedy started young, 2012 was officially the start of her comedy journey.  Tonya is quickly becoming one of the most sought after acts in the midwest today. Her personality and her take on life as a single woman navigating today's "Dating Jungle" give hysterical insight from one who should know. She also shares stories about growing up in the 80’s in a conservative family. She enjoys using her quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor to make people laugh.  Tonya hails from Metro Detroit and is truly a funny comedian with a style and delivery all her own.

To date, some of Tonya's career highlights have been opening for Dave Attell, The RoastMaster General Jeff Ross, Jim Norton, Rob Little, J Chris Newberg, Dave Landau and she's performed at Gilda’s LaughFest.

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Tonya's a graduate of the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, she completed the writing program at The Second City Detroit, spent a year as an on-air personality in Indianapolis, then in 2010, Tonya became involved with the Detroit 48 Hour Film Competition.  She has written for 4 of these films including "California Dreamin'" and the 2012 film "Blameless".

Tonya will forever be indebted to the teachers that have taught her so much and inspired her to grow as a writer and performer along her journey.  And she definitely wouldn't be here without the support of her friends, who have been her trial audience for years!  They've actually encouraged her to use her sick & twisted mind to make people laugh and it is through this laughter that they have overcome many tough times in their lives.  Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and help you to become the best version of yourself...there's truly no greater gift you can give yourself.